Nostalgia is under construction ..! 🚧

when I have the time I build on the page I enjoy myself when I design
on Nostalgia 👀 Here I Want To Design A Retro Page About
Commodore 64 Amiga Pc-486s - Yes Everything In The Geeky Retro World ..!

I will take you back in time ...

Nostalgia will be a Cozy place with a
Fantastic Retro atmosphere.🕹️💾👾🕹️🤩

The page will contain my story from my nerdy game experiences from my young teen days 😄
A time without internet and the social time with the friends I hung out with back then from 1984.

Now computer has always been a big part of my life and I have followed from the beginning the year 1984 so have I chose to make this Nostalgia page with a mood from Commordore 64 - Amiga and Pc 486s time. 🙂