Welcome Guest 🙂 Lusingando.dk is under construction 🚧 Now Adobe Adobe Flash ended support for its
famous Flash. So I chose to delete my old Flash Page. And start over..So time for a new Webdesign.

Right now there is not much content, But there will be more content in the coming updates..!
And right now there is no graphic design. Only plain text. Once I have found a good
WebDesign. The look 👀 will be In the best sci-fi universe mood 🪐

And now I'm learning to design in Visual Studio Code. I'm a little rusty since the last time I worked coding in
html was in the year 1998. 🤔🤓 And I learn a little new - bit by bit while I study in HTML5 CSS + JAVA. And
it's fun to work in Visual Studio Code. + Photoshop as a graphic designer & Digital artist as a hobby
When I have a fully functional page up and running then the next thing will be to be able to read the page
from all screen sizes. PC Smartphones,  tablets and other devices. 👍🤩

I have previously worked in flash dynamic HTML and vector graphics tools software
SWiSH 1.0 to SWiSH Max 4.0,  Which I started design from 2002 - 2020.

And now Flash was completely removed from all browsers on December 31, 2020. With
interactive HTML5 content with standards like HTML5,  WebGL and WebAssembly.

.........So time to build a new Webdesign..! 😊

My next major update on Lusingando.dk will be on the Nostalgia page.
I want to design a Retro page about Commodore 64 Amiga Pc-486s
YES everything in the geeky Retro world..!

  I will take you back in time - Nostalgia will be a great Retro Atmosphere.. 💾👾🕹️🤩